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Sumatra Mandheling "Pawani"


Sumatra Mandheling "Pawani"

from 13.95

Region : Sumatra / North Sumatra / Pawani Estate 

Altitude : 1,000 meters

Roast : Medium

Sumatra's best! Our rare Pawani coffee is aged for 18 to 24 months in special storage warehouses in Sumatra--as much of the Mandheling coffee was prior to the end of Dutch rule in 1908--and has the lowest acidity of any coffee we offer. The island of Sumatra is well suited for coffee. It is divided by the Barisan range of mountains which tops out at the active volcano, Mount Kerinci. At 12,467 ft., this active volcano is located about the mid-point in the range, and our Pawani Arabica beans are grown in the shadow of these stratospheric high mountains by this very small estate.

Mandheling is a full bodied, deep coffee with a rich, earthy aroma. The coffee drinks very smooth, and has a wonderfully soothing quality due to the low acidity. Pawani has a very round and bold weight, with hints of cocoa and exotic floral character that finishes long and slightly syrup like.

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