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Northern Italian Espresso


Northern Italian Espresso

from 12.95

Region : Brazil / Indonesia / Central America

Roast : Dark

Our roaster and his family have a great deal of Italian heritage, and as an homage to that heritage it was only appropriate that we create an espresso blend and channel the roast style based upon our roaster's ancestral family recipe long ago in Genoa, Northern Italy. We can't give away the secret recipe, but we can say that like nearly 100% of the best espresso blends, it starts with a foundation of the finest single estate Brazilian and is then filled out proportionally with Indonesian and Central American beans to create an espresso that is somewhat on the lighter end of the roasting spectrum, which lets the quality of the beans truly shine. 

Our Northern Italian Espresso creates as perfect a cup of coffee as it does shots of espresso. Brewed coffee will be a rich, medium bodied dark roast coffee with plenty of depth and dimensionality, and espresso will have thick, rich crema with a toasted, nutty, caramel flavor.

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