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Guatemalan Decaf


Guatemalan Decaf

from 13.95

Region: Guatemala / Multi-region

Altitude : 1,100 - 1,600 meters

Roast : Medium

Our Guatemalan Decaf comes from several Guatemalan estates and is roasted medium. Something that sets this decaf apart from many others is the concentration of flavor. Swiss Water processed decaffeinated beans--the most widely used decaffeination method at this time--can too often be thin, one dimensional, or "hollow"; A shadow of the former bean because during the decaffeination process, water processing and solvents also have a tendency to leech out much of the oils, solids, and compounds that make up the flavor. Our beans are processed a little differently--and without any use of solvents--to retain those flavors. But for the lack of a buzz, one would never suspect this coffee is decaf, which is how it should be. For that reason, this is one of our favorite decaf coffees out there and we hope you agree!

Guatemalan Decaf is medium bodied, with fairly high acidity for a nice zip on the palate. It has floral, citric flavors at first that develop into more nutty caramel notes. The finish is very clean and smooth.

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