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Guatemala "Natural"


Guatemala "Natural"

from 13.95

Region : Guatemala / Multi-region

Altitude : 1,100 - 1,800 meters

Roast : Dark

It can be tough for many of the small holder estates and plantations to afford the expensive, rigorous, ongoing certification process that leads to attaining the "certified organic" sticker. This is the reason why organic coffees are usually much more expensive and exclusively the domain of larger plantations, and why the estate and regional selection varies greatly for organic beans from year to year. Sometimes however, a "backyard garden" scenario is in play: it's organically farmed by default practices regardless of certification (if any). Enter the Guatemala "Natural".

Our Guatemala Natural is a dark roast coffee that strays from the path of other dark roasts. Where many are carbonic or oily, smokey, and acidic, this one has a pleasant sweetness both in aroma and flavor, very balanced acidity, and a creamy, full bodied feel. We find it especially well suited to go with desserts or as a late night "burning the midnight fuel" kind of coffee. 

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