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Guatemala Huehuetenango "Tres Marias"


Guatemala Huehuetenango "Tres Marias"

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Region : Guatemala / Huehuetenango

Altitude : 1,400 - 1,800 meters

Roast : Medium

One of Guatemala´s renowned coffee regions, Huehuetenango is a non-volcanic territory with very high altitudes that gets warm winds blown in from Mexico and enables coffee to prosper where it usually should not. Deep ravines and high mountains divide the plantations in this area and demand every farm--be it large or small--to process and dry their own coffee, giving it an artisan yet sophisticated quality. This particular coffee is sourced from several farms in the area and milled by 3 Maria's from 3 generations of the same family (hence "Tres Marias"). With its rough and broken terrain, Tres Marías Huehuetenango embodies all that this region represents and delivers a high quality cup as incomparable and distinctive as the region it is produced in. 

Huehuentenango is a light bodied, bright coffee with subtle sweet flavors and aromas of maple, chocolate, and roasted nuts, with a creamy/malt roundness, a slight tang, and finishes with very clean caramel notes. 

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