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Costa Rica "Tres Rios"


Costa Rica "Tres Rios"

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Region : Costa Rica / Tres Rios

Altitude : 1,300 meters

Roast : Dark

A must try for coffee lovers who crave the best. These beans hail from a tiny region steeped in 150 years of coffee-growing tradition. A high-mountain climate, marked wet and dry seasons, and soils enriched by the Irazu Volcano provide nature’s optimum conditions, giving Tres Rios well deserved renown for producing some of the world’s best coffee. The coffees of the Tres Rios region are considered "the Bordeaux" of Costa Rica. This is a bit softer and more balanced than your typical dark roast. It fills your cup with a lively snap that’s bright enough for morning, but rich and complex enough to enjoy all day. Tres Rios is a wonderful single-origin taste experience.

Tres Rios is full bodied and has a honey-nut aroma which is complimented with hints of plum and allspice in its elegant, complex flavor. This coffee caresses the palate with a memorable, lush, and friendly finish. 


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