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Columbian Decaf


Columbian Decaf

from 13.95

Region : Columbia / Multi-region

Altitude : 800 - 1,300 meters

Roast : Dark

Our Columbian Decaf beans are decaffeinated using the same method as our Guatemalan Decaf for the fullest body and flavor, bur our Columbian Decaf is taken to a darker espresso roast specifically with a rich, perfectly extracted shot of decaf espresso in mind. It is what we use in our retail store for decaf espresso, and it makes a great cup of brewed coffee as well.

Where the Guatemalan Decaf is high toned and bright, the Columbian is lower and darker. Stouter, malty, roasted flavors come out and It coats the mouth a bit more with a feeling like a light maple syrup.

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