San Juan Coffee Roasting Co.

Roasting and Brewing Excellence Since 1990

The Herring family set their roots through pasture and field, down a long, winding dirt lane, and amidst a twilit forest long ago. In the late 1980's, Steve and Irene Herring visited San Juan Island for their first time and were immediately enchanted with the island's quiet and bucolic natural beauty. After just one long weekend, the seed of an idea was planted in their minds, and in 1989 they left their jobs in the San Francisco bay area in pursuit of their dreams with their two young boys, Nathaniel & Alex.

1990 marked the grand opening of the San Juan Coffee Roasting Company--the island's original coffee shop/roastery and one of the longest running businesses in the town of Friday Harbor to date--and have served only the best, artisan, small batch, AAA Arabica beans to the public since the beginning. San Juan Coffee Roasting Co. carefully selects all of their green beans from small fair-trade estates and plantations, many of which use organic, sustainable farming practices. Over the years, the company has employed, supported, and provided important job experience for the local youth, including Steve & Irene's own sons (who were working in the retail store almost before their heads reached above the counter).

Steve has spent the last 25+ years honing his coffee roasting expertise at their roastery on Sportsmans Lake, and as a perfectionist is always finding ways to improve in his craft. Irene runs the retail store in downtown Friday Harbor and is the much loved and original "coffee lady" of San Juan Island. Being a small, family run company, San Juan Coffee has and always will be a proud supporter of all things local. We provide coffee to many local B&B's, restaurants, businesses, charities, and non-profits.

The retail store is located just past the bottom of the Ferry Lanes at the end of the Cannery Landing and features all of our roasts, as well as espresso, the finest loose leaf teas and gourmet chocolates, ice cream, coffee/espresso brewing and equipment, and a rotating cast of novelties (which includes but is not limited to "the regulars").